Tabas UNESCO Global Geopark

Happy International Earth Day

❇️ People's participation, Iran against plastic, saving the earth. 🔶️ In 1970, in response to the environmental crisis, April 22 was chosen as Earth Day as a day to promote awareness and education about environmental issues and promote a culture of earth protection. This day reminds all the people on earth that they should not [...]

Tabas UGGp in ITB Berlin

🔷 Introduction of Tabas Global Geopark at the ITB Berlin exhibition

Tabas UGGp Museum

? Tabas, one of the living poles of Iran's geology Reporter: Vahid Allahi

Geology Department of Payam Noor University Organizes

?️ Scientific webinar titled: The importance and position of earth sciences from the perspective of UNESCO Global Geoparks. ?️ Speaker: Dr. Vasal Yahya Shibani, faculty member of Payam Noor University and director of Tabas UNESCO Global Geopark. ?️ Click

Happy International Geologist Day

The first Sunday of April is called World Geologists Day. This official occasion was established in 1980, and today, its festival is held in many countries, including Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakhstan. ?️The date of this day is chosen at the end of winter and the beginning of preparation for summer work as well [...]

Moonlight mount climbing of Ramadan

Workshop on the art of pottery

?️ The practical workshop of pottery art was held in Tabas UNESCO Global Geopark Visitor Center with the aim of developing and increasing the thinking power of children and familiarizing them with this art. ?️This workshop was held in collaboration with Kurit Ceramic Studio (geopark partner). Getting to know the types of clay, familiarizing with [...]

Workshop on the art of pottery

Tourists Welcoming In Nowruz

Tourists Welcoming In Nowruz

?️ Welcoming the tourists and travelers of Nowruz from the geosites of Kharv tourism zone. ?️The presence of tourists and visitors from Kal-e-Sardar, Morteza Ali hot spring, Shah Abbasi ancient arch, Gabr Houses, meander and Shotori Mountains Geosites in the Kharv tourism zone, Nowruz 1403.