Name Sex Email Mobile Group Address Short Description
1 Amin Feshresti Sani Male  0989139545307 Tour Guide Tabas Guidance in cultural-historical, natural areas of Tabas and geotourism
2 Hossein Bandegi Male 0989138627478 Tour Guide Tabas Tourism guide for travelers and tours of Tabas region
3 Seyed Mohammad Naghavi Zadeh Male 0989132529465 Tour Guide Tabas Tourist land guide and English speaking tour guide
4 Malihe Mohammadi Female 0989133522649 Tour Guide Tabas Iran tourism and tourism guide certificate, certificate of the technical director of section B, general tourism guide
Implementation of tourism activities in the field of children, child education, English translation student
5 Abolfazl Fazli Male  0989103329135 Local Guide Esfahk village Guidance in the cultural, historical, and natural areas of Esfahk, Rig, Peykuh, Kal-e-Jeni, Kharv and Ezmighan villages
6 Ali Shabani Male 0989139545746 Local Guide Tabas Tourism guide since 2017
7 Fazeh Zangouni Female 0989919756724 Local Guide Tabas
8 Mohammad Hasan Taghavi Male 0989131554139 Local Guide Tabas Tourist guide (climbing, nature, local guide, history and culture of Tabas)
9 Malihe Ashna Female 0989152679548 Local Guide Tabas Tourism guide
10 Mehdi Ebrahimi Male  0989132533972 Local Guide Tabas Professional mountaineering, mountain rescue
11 Mehdi Gheysari Male 0989139703082 Local Guide Tabas Tabas tourism guide (Ezmighan, Kharv, Naiband, Peykuh, Halvan, etc.)
12 Navidreza Hadian Male 0989367568370 Local Guide Tabas Mountaineering, nature tourism, local guide
13 Vahideh Rezaeian Female 0989135276454 Local Guide Tabas Tourism guide