World Environment Day

On the occasion of World Environment Day Clearing the Geosite of Golshan Garden Geosite

Geology Department of Payam Noor University Organizes

?️ Scientific webinar titled: The importance and position of earth sciences from the perspective of UNESCO Global Geoparks. ?️ Speaker: Dr. Vasal Yahya Shibani, faculty member of Payam Noor University and director of Tabas UNESCO Global Geopark. ?️ Click

Workshop on the art of pottery

?️ The practical workshop of pottery art was held in Tabas UNESCO Global Geopark Visitor Center with the aim of developing and increasing the thinking power of children and familiarizing them with this art. ?️This workshop was held in collaboration with Kurit Ceramic Studio (geopark partner). Getting to know the types of clay, familiarizing with [...]

Workshop on the art of pottery

Training workshop for local guides of Tabas County

?️A training workshop for welcoming Nowruz (especially for local guides) was held at the Tabas UGGp visitor center for 5 hours. In this workshop, local guides got to know the culture, history, and geosites of Tabas UGGp.

on the occasion of international tourist guide day

Tabas UGGp Partners Network Members

✅ Gathering of Tabas UNESCO Global Geopark Partners Network members. ?️ According to the public relations report of Tabas UNESCO Global Geopark, a training workshop (specially for Geopark partners and volunteers) was held with the subject of Familiarization with the basics and concepts of Geopark, network of partners and local community participation in development programs [...]

Mountain Medicine Training Workshop

Mountain Medicine Training Workshop

8th Symposium of Sedimentological Society of Iran

?️Workshop on Foundation, concepts and goals of UNESCO Global Geoparks and their role in geoheritage conservation with introducing Tabas UNESCO Global Geopark. ?️University of Hormozgan, 31 Jan - 1 Feb, 2024. ? Register by link: ?️ Register by Email:

5th Rock Climbing Festival

?️ 5th Rock Climbing Festival of Tabas County, with the presence of Iranian prominent masters. ? 5 - 8 December, 2023