Happy International Earth Day

❇️ People's participation, Iran against plastic, saving the earth. 🔶️ In 1970, in response to the environmental crisis, April 22 was chosen as Earth Day as a day to promote awareness and education about environmental issues and promote a culture of earth protection. This day reminds all the people on earth that they should not [...]

Happy International Geologist Day

The first Sunday of April is called World Geologists Day. This official occasion was established in 1980, and today, its festival is held in many countries, including Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakhstan. ?️The date of this day is chosen at the end of winter and the beginning of preparation for summer work as well [...]

on the occasion of international tourist guide day

International Day of Education

?️ 24 Jan, Happy International Day of Education

Yalda Night in Geopark

?️ Geopark Yalda Night Ceremony ?️Special celebration of ancient Iranian rituals.

International Cheetah Day

December 4: International Cheetah Day ?️ Let's preserve cheetah. ?️Since 2010, every year, December 4th, is celebrated as World Cheetah Day in different countries, and its purpose is to increase public awareness of the danger of extinction of this species. Considering that Iran is the last remaining habitat of the Asian cheetah, this species is [...]

Special celebration of ancient Iranian rituals

? Yalda Night in Geopark ? Happy and memorable night ? December 25 ? Let's make a beautiful and lasting night together ? Happy and diverse programs ?With the presence of prominent artists

8th Symposioum of Sedimentological Society of Iran

The 1th Palm and Paddy Festival of Ezmighan Village

?️ The 1th Palm and Paddy Festival of Ezmighan village was held in the presence of the officials and managers of South Khorasan province and Tabas county in the Sabat eco-residence. ?️ An excerpt from Dr. Teymouri speech (faculty member of Tourism Research Institute (ACECR) and Chairman of Tourism and Handicrafts Commission of Khorasan Razavi [...]

The 1th palm and paddy festival

✅ The 1th palm and paddy festival will be held in the Ezmighan village. ?️ This festival includes the following items: ?️Harvesting paddy (traditionally) ?️Pomegranate paste and Palm sap ceremony ?️Native and local games ?️Tour of the village, paddy fields, and palm gardens ?️Thanksgiving ceremony of farmers ?️Local music and family gathering ?️Competition and entertainment ?️Native [...]