20th anniversary of the Global Geoparks Network

✅ Congratulations on the 20th anniversary of the Global Geoparks Network (2004-2024). 🔶️ A video of the Global Geoparks Network (GGN) and Sustainable Development on the occasion of its 20th anniversary has been compiled by GGN on the various activities and perspectives of the Global Geoparks. 🔶️ In this video, parts of the Tabas UNESCO [...]

World Desertification Day

On the occasion of World Desertification Day Planting olive, acacia and amygdalus orientalis seedling In the Kal-e-Jenni geosite area

Happy World to Combat Desertification

✅17 June, Happy World to Combat Desertification. 🔷️ The theme of the 2024 World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought, 17 June, is “United for Land. Our Legacy. Our Future”, highlighting the future role of land stewardship in ensuring the stability and prosperity of billions of people around the world.

World Handicraft Day

World Environment Day

On the occasion of World Environment Day Clearing the Geosite of Golshan Garden Geosite

International Museums Day

🔷️ 18 May, Happy International Museum Day. 🔸 At the same time as International Museums Day (Saturday, May 18), visiting Tabas UNESCO Global Geopark Museum is free. 🔷️UNESCO Global Geoparks celebrate International Museum Day! 🔹️Geopark Museums are the main tools for geoheritage interpretation and popularisation! Geopark Museums organize educational activities for kids, students, and adults! [...]

Mountaineering Event

✅️Mountaineering event 🔷️occasion of Girl's day

Happy International Earth Day

❇️ People's participation, Iran against plastic, saving the earth. 🔶️ In 1970, in response to the environmental crisis, April 22 was chosen as Earth Day as a day to promote awareness and education about environmental issues and promote a culture of earth protection. This day reminds all the people on earth that they should not [...]

Happy International Geologist Day

The first Sunday of April is called World Geologists Day. This official occasion was established in 1980, and today, its festival is held in many countries, including Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakhstan. ?️The date of this day is chosen at the end of winter and the beginning of preparation for summer work as well [...]

on the occasion of international tourist guide day