Membership in Tabas UGGp Partners’ Network
Local community cooperation, empowerment & sustainable development

Tabas Geopark has created the Geopark Partners’ Network to increase the local community and business owners’ participation in providing services related to geopark visitors and helping local economic growth. Tabas Geopark Partners’ Network plays a vital role in raising awareness of Tabas Geopark Concepts, along with the importance of its geological, cultural, and natural heritage. The members of this network support, promote, facilitate, and implement local services through their businesses while increasing the visitors’ awareness of geopark concepts. This network introduces and advertises local stakeholders (such as restaurants, hotels, local guesthouses, travel agencies, cooperatives, etc.) to support them. Partners’ field of activities include tourism services and facilities, education centers, geosite conservation, Membership in this network is only possible for applicants who have gone through all the legal and administrative procedures related to their business and received the relevant permits from the related institutions before application. The title of Geopark Partner provides a kind of advantage and benefit for such business and does not conflict with the responsibilities of other regulatory and governance departments.

* Hotel
* Hotel Apartment
* Traditional or Boutique Hotel
* Local Guest House
* Restaurant
* Traditional
* Fast Food
* Traditional Handicrafts & Carpet
* New Handicraft
* Agricultural Product
* Agricultural By-product
* Dairy
* Private Institute
* Public School & Training Institute
* University
* Scientific & Professional Advisory Institute
* Research Institute
* Travel Agency
* Recreational Facility
* Museum
* Local Cooperative
* Multimedia Production Company
* Broadcasting Company
* Association & NGO
* Transportation Company
* Tourism Complex
* Local Council
* Geopark Local Offices
* Other Governmental Bodies
* Multimedia Producer
* Handicrafts & Local Product Producer & Seller
* Artist

As the partnership is for professional and official businesses, others who are interested in cooperation with the geopark can contribute as Tabas Geopark Volunteers.

The requirements for membership in the Tabas Geopark Partners Network are as below:

  • All applicants need to take into account the protection, promotion, and training of geopark concepts in their activities in addition to the necessary terms and conditions of their jobs. Besides, their activities should neither result in any damage to the environment or the natural landscape of the Geopark nor contradict the concepts of sustainable development.

  • It is strictly forbidden to collect or sell geological material, and rare plants or hunt endangered animals for all geopark partners and volunteers.

  • Using disposable plastic containers or packaging is prohibited for partners, except in the necessary cases.

  • The partners are obliged to provide all products offered to visitors with the logo of Tabas Geopark Partners’ Network using appropriate packaging and sufficient information.

  • Application for membership in Tabas Geopark Companions and Partners Network means accepting the terms and conditions of cooperation, any violation will cancel the membership.

  • The logo of Tabas Geopark Companions and Partners Network can only be used under Tabas Geopark regulations and coordination. Partners and companions are not permitted to use the UNESCO logo on their products.

The documents required to file for Tabas Geopark Companions and Partners Network membership:

1. Two pieces of 3×4 photos;
2. A copy of the first page of the birth certificate;
3. A copy of the latest academic degree;
4. The commercial logo of the workshop (PNG and printed files);
5. A brochure and details of services;
6. A copy of the activity permission or business license;
7. The completed sample of the application form for issuing partner certificate; and
8. 8 photos of the activity center in JPG format and with a minimum quality of 150 dpi.