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Workshop on the art of pottery

?️ The practical workshop of pottery art was held in Tabas UNESCO Global Geopark Visitor Center with the aim of developing and increasing the thinking power of children and familiarizing them with this art. ?️This workshop was held in collaboration with Kurit Ceramic Studio (geopark partner). Getting to know the types of clay, familiarizing with [...]

Workshop on the art of pottery

on the occasion of international tourist guide day

Tabas UGGp Partners Network Members

✅ Gathering of Tabas UNESCO Global Geopark Partners Network members. ?️ According to the public relations report of Tabas UNESCO Global Geopark, a training workshop (specially for Geopark partners and volunteers) was held with the subject of Familiarization with the basics and concepts of Geopark, network of partners and local community participation in development programs [...]

Evaluation of Tabas Global Geopark Partner

?️ Amirbeyk eco_residence in Esfandiar village nominated to join Tabas UNESCO Global Geopark partners network. ?️During the Tabas UGGp expert's visit to Amirbeyk eco-residence, the characteristics and most important cases of partner were reviewed and evaluated.

Tabas UGGp Partner participate in the Roosta-Abas exhibition

❇️ Tabas UNESCO Global Geopark Partner participate in the Roosta-Abas exhibition. ?️ The Roosta-Abad exhibition has been held in Tehran's Mosla for a week with the introduction and presentation of the agricultural products of the villagers from different parts of the country. ?️Niour Art House (partner of Tabas UNESCO Global Geopark) has participated in this [...]


✅Geoproduct. ?️ Geoproduct; Handicrafts and products of the local community that are derived from the natural, geological, and cultural features of the Geopark area. These products are made with the aim of making people and visitors more getting to know the features and characteristics of Geopark. Also, in addition to job creation, they revive handicrafts [...]

Educational Workshop to Learn About Fossils with its Exploration

?An educational workshop on fossils for children was held with fossil exploration in cooperation with Afarinesh Institute. In this workshop, children discovered fossils by exploring the fossils hidden under the soil. ? Along with fun and entertainment, the children were full of excitement and enthusiasm from the experience of this discovery, and they also got [...]

On Occasion of the Welcoming Spring Season

?Afarinesh institute Children's (Geopark partner) visited from Golshan Garden geosite and Geopark museum on occasion of the Welcoming spring season

The training course of the art of cooking and weaving (Pakhal-Bafi)

Honar Saray-e Niour: ? The training course of the art of cooking and weaving (Pakhal-Bafi). ? Learning types of circular baskets, oval baskets, vases, wicker hearts, chandeliers, wall hangings, spiral weaving. ? By granting a Technical and Vocational certificate. The duration of the course: 7 days. instagram