One of the most interesting tourist attractions in any region is the types of food of that land and how to cook it. The traditional dishes of Tabas UNESCO Global Geopark are prepared from excellent and available ingredients and suitable for the weather conditions of the region. which has a special taste.

The local foods used in this region are used by the people depending on the season and also the temperament of the people (cold or hot) and the fact that some of the local foods have therapeutic or disease prevention aspects.

Among the foods of Tabas UNESCO Global Geopark include:

Types of soup:
Boiled soup, local soup, Lakhshak soup, Sour bulgur soup, Kalye soup with beetroot or beetroot soup, Bulgur soup with milk, Pomegranate soup, Amaj soup, Goshwarah soup, Togi soup, Reshte soup, Gheeme soup.

Types of broth:
Bezbash broth, curd broth, wheat broth, bulgur broth, Zizei muscle broth, cabbage broth

Types of Eshkene(a type of Ash):
Khanjak ash, barberry ash, Dardwa ash, Baneh ash, egg ash, Qoruti ash, Ojiz ash, tomato ash, potato, brion flour ash, khame, melon seed ash

Types of food:
Zucchini dish with rice bread, apple and Zucchini dish, lentil puree, warm buttermilk, corn soup, grenade grill, boiled cabbage, beetroot

Tail types:
Demi lentil, demi tomato and qaisi, mash, local rice (Qabi), Halim, wheat rice, millet rice, cumin rice, Govares rice, Khoshtali rice (string rice), mohara, gipa, ghorti baneh, ghorti jon ame, pine nuts, cabbage Special rice with local specialties of the region

Types of stew:
Kangaroo stew, tomato stew, okra stew, pumpkin stew, special cabbage stew

Fatir bread, khors bread (dry), komach, Te Taghari bread, barley bread, boiled oil bread (Chalpak), komach bread, Gavarsi bread, Samno bread, Togi bread

Types of Tufton bread:
Yellow tafton, cream tafton, onion, milky, eggy tafton

Wheat pilaf (bulgur) with eggplant:
This food is prepared from wheat or barley, which is milled and made into groats. It means whole wheat, which is very nutritious and useful, is prepared with pen juice.