Geoheritage Atlas of Tabas is the first book prepared in the field of geological, cultural-historical and natural potentials at the level of a city in Iran. This book is bilingual (Persian and English) in 318 pages with 350 photos depicting 140 top attractions and geosites of the Tabas County. First, it deals with the basics and definitions of geotourism and geopark and includes three main chapters. The first chapter introduces the history of Tabas County, its geography and climate, cultural-historical and natural attractions, and the target villages for tourism. The second chapter deals with the geology of Tabas as a geological paradise and fossil museum of Iran and the third chapter includes the attractions and geological capacities of Tabas and introduces the most important selected geosites. Each of the attractions and geosites is introduced with a text away from specialized terms and based on their importance for the readers.

Along with the book, a map of the location of the phenomena and the access route are provided.
Author: Dr. Vasal Yahya Shibani
Published: January 2022